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Transmission Flush Service

When transmissions fail, the likely cause is the automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Transmission fluid acts like a lubricant for the moving parts of your transmission, which has hundreds of interconnected and moving parts that are always rubbing and interacting together. Because there are so many parts – and because each is continually exposed to friction and heat – it is only natural that ATF will breakdown over time.

Transmission Flush Service Manassas VATransmission fluid begins to show its age as it oxidizes and turns brown, which is due to heat and friction. It also becomes contaminated with metal particles and other deposits that can eventually form around many of the transmission’s moving parts. Old ATF, therefore, needs to be replaced every 30,000 miles, or every two years, before it looses its lubricating properties and damages internal parts of the transmission.

Traditional transmission fluid replacement methods, like a “drain and fill,” are not recommended on late model cars, SUVs, trucks or minivans since they do not remove all of the old ATF. By some estimates, up to 30% of the old fluid is left behind, which will immediately contaminate the new ATF thereby causing it to break down earlier.

As with brake fluid and engine coolant, we recommend that the transmission fluid be periodically and completely flushed. This process ensures that all of the old ATF is removed, along with any grime and sludge that might have built up, and replaced with fresh fluid and conditioners. By simultaneously forcing out old fluid and introducing new ATF, the oils will not mix, meaning the new fluid will last significantly longer than if a traditional fluid replacement method is used.

Transmission flush services in Manassas VA

In most cases, getting your transmission flushed every 30,000-miles/two years is sufficient. However, there may be times when you need to get it serviced sooner in order to help protect the transmission. Vehicles that are often used to tow, plow snow, or are driven through sand and dirt may require earlier service. The most common signs that you need to perform a transmission flush on your car or truck are: shifting problems, grinding noises, slipping gears, surging, and shifting delays. It should be noted that a transmission flush is an important preventative maintenance procedure – it is not a solution for a transmission that already has a major problem; i.e., it becomes increasingly difficult to put your vehicle in gear.

Transmission flushing in Manassas VAThere are different types and grades of ATF that can be used in a transmission flush. Some of the most recommended are full synthetic fluids. But some older make and model vehicles may not be compatible with full synthetic oil. For the most part, however, late model cars and trucks should use synthetic AFT since it lubricates better, combats heat and friction better, and will last longer.

Having the fluid in your transmission regularly replaced is integral to avoiding a more costly transmission service down the road. At Coho, we service every car using specialized equipment from BG Products. Not only has BG’s diverse line of transmission products proven to stand the test of time, it offers a Lifetime Protection Plan if the initial service is performed within 75,000 miles.