Transmission Fluid Service Manassas VA

If you need a Transmission Fluid Service In Manassas VA or anywhere in the surrounding areas you’ve come to the right place, let us give you that piece of mind when it comes to your automobile.

Transmission fluid is the fluid that’s used in the automatic transmission system of cars. It is usually colored green or red so that it can be distinguished from the other fluids that are used in cars. This fluid is specifically made to meet the needs and features of transmission like valve operation, friction in the brake band and gear lubrication.

What is a Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is the process where all the fluid is removed from the transmission and it is cleaned and then new fluid is placed back. This process is used to ensure that the transmission will be free from debris.

When Do You Need a Transmission Fluid Service?

It is usually enough that your vehicle receives a transmission flush every 2 years or every 30,000 miles but there are also cases when you might have to get it done sooner than scheduled. Here are some of the indications that your vehicle is in need of a transmission flush:

  • Grinding or other strange noises in the transmission
  • Difficulty in shifting gears
  • Slipping gears
  • Surging of car
  • Delay in the movement of the vehicle

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms with your vehicle then pay us a visit and we will take care of the problem for you. We will make sure that your vehicle will have better fuel economy and that you can avoid spending money on future transmission repairs.