Car Service in Manassas VA

Complete Auto Repair Shop

Employees at auto repair shop Coho inspecting a carWhile dealerships offer training for their technicians and provide them with the right equipment and parts to do the job, they are limited to servicing just one or two brands. At the other end of the spectrum, many independent auto repair shops don’t have the capacity or financial resources to properly train their employees or buy expensive diagnostic tools to repair today’s sophisticated vehicles.

CoHo Auto doesn’t have these limitations. We’ve hired the most competent and best-trained ASE-certified technicians in the business and purchased the finest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure the work we do on your vehicle is done correctly – the first time. Our car services include, but are not limited to, all factory scheduled maintenance, tire replacement, tire balance and repair, four wheel alignments, transmission and engine repair or replacement, as well as diagnosing and fixing electrical, air conditioning, emissions, and cooling system (radiator) problems, and much, much more.

With the combined experience of our staff, we can repair, modify or enhance anything. If you want us to find that elusive squeak or rattle, CoHo Auto can do that. If you want us to perform a factory 5,000, 10,000 or even 90,000-mile service, CoHo Auto can do that. And if you want to achieve quicker lap times at Summit Point Raceway, CoHo Auto can even do that too.

We have the knowledge, experience and capability necessary to repair and service everything from a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air to a 1996 Porsche 911, and 2001 Ford F-150 to a 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid – in other words, every domestic, European and Asian car and truck on the road today. Fixing cars is what we do – plain and simple.

Automotive Makes and Models We Service:

This is just a partial list of car manufacturers we service. Please click on the manufacturer logo below to see the Recommended Maintenance Schedule for your car, truck, SUV, minivan, or crossover.


Logo for GM. We provide auto repair on GM vehiclesLogo for Ford. We provide auto repair on Ford vehiclesLogo for Chevrolet. We provide auto repair on Chevrolet vehiclesLogo for Jeep. We provide auto repair on Jeep vehiclesLogo for Dodge. We provide auto repair on Dodge vehicles

Logo for Cadillac. We provide auto repair on Cadillac vehicles

Logo for Buick. We provide auto repair on Buick vehicles

Logo for Lincoln. We provide auto repair on Lincoln vehicles

Logo for Chrysler. We provide auto repair on Chrysler vehicles


Logo for BMW. We provide auto service on BMW vehiclesLogo for Audi. We provide auto service on Audi vehiclesLogo for Porsche. We provide auto service on Porsche vehiclesLogo for Jaguar. We provide auto service on Jaguar vehicles Logo for Volkswagon. We provide auto service on Volkswagon vehiclesLogo for Mercedes-Benz. We provide auto service on Mercedez-Benz vehicles


Logo for Toyota. We provide service on Toyota vehiclesLogo for Acura. We provide service on Acura vehiclesLogo for Subaru. We provide service on Subaru vehicles

Logo for Hyundai. We provide service on Hyundai vehicles Logo for Honda. We provide service on Honda vehicles Logo for Kia. We provide service on Kia vehicles Logo for Infiniti. We provide service on Infiniti vehicles

Logo for Lexus. We provide service on Lexus vehicles

Logo for Scion. We provide service on Scion vehicles

Logo for Nissan. We provide service on Nissan vehicles

Customer service

Employees speaking across the counter at auto repair shop CohoSure, we have a nice showroom with complementary snacks and drinks. Our level of customer service goes way beyond simply being polite and welcoming. We love involving our customers, showing and explaining, with what’s going on in the service area.

We understand having your vehicle repaired can be stressful. CoHo Auto strives to give you a positive, informative, and transparent experience. It’s our goal to establish a long-term relationship with you; we are not in it for a quick buck.