Scheduled Auto Service Manassas VA

Scheduled Auto Service and Dealer Services in Manassas, VA

5K, 10K, 90K Services 

Scheduled Auto Service Manassas VAYour car requires regular maintenance to ensure that it will work as efficiently as it can. We can provide you with all the services that would be needed for your vehicle. Car dealers suggest that you should have your car checked at certain intervals. Newer cars on average receive 5K, 10K and 90K services.

5K and 10K Service

Our 5K and 10K service can include the following:

  • Lubrication of chassis components
  • Changing of engine oil and filter
  • Topping off all fluid levels
  • Rotating tires and setting pressure
  • Inspection of brakes
  • Inspection belts & hoses
  • Inspection condition of air filter
  • Inspectrion of vehicles cabin air filter
  • Installation of fuel system cleaner, Installation of windshield washer solvent,
  • Inspection of vehicles vital fluids

90K Service

For the 90K service we perform the same tasks listed above with the addition of the following:

  • Exchange automatic transmission fluid
  • Inspection of the condition of belts and hoses and heat shields
  • Inspection of the undercarriage for damage and leaks

When your car reaches 90K it usually means it has undergone a lot of tear and wear. There could be more potential problems and so requires a more thorough inspection

Scheduled Services

We are an excellent choice for providing scheduled services to your vehicle. Our experience will ensure that your car gets the proper service for your brand of vehicle.